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    Is there any way to have a dropdown box pick up more than one character when the user starts typing. For example, if I have the value &#039Alison&#039 on the list, I want them to be able to type more than the &#039A&#039 to get to that value. Do I need to write an ActiveX control? Thanks in advance

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    You could use javascript to check the length, then build the list, but I dont know if the autocomplete collection is available through jscript. I have not done enough work in it and the only microsoft example I have seen dealing with autocomplete was to disable it. So I would go to or (go to archeives) and look up..I think it was under "serving it up" or "scripting clinic" but Look for remote scripting, this might be something you could use to.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR>Gary

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