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    Hi guys,<BR>I installed, and tried writing a simple aspx page. <BR>The HTML part of the page is showing up and not the code involving aspx VB code. <BR>I tried writing a simple ASP (not aspx) code using some Response.write, and it is showing up fine. <BR>I dont understand why aspx pages are not working even though asp pages work fine though.<BR>Am I missing something over here ??<BR>Please advice me.<BR><BR>Thank you all in advance.

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    Well that sounds correct. The HTML is the only part that is supposed to show up at run time. You&#039;ll have to give some more facts. Have you tried deploying to a different workstation or server? Have you set/checked your IIS 5 permissions/settings. What browser are you using. Do you get any errors? You might need to post some code. Read through some more post first though. Search Google newsgroups.<BR><BR>good luck.

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