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Thread: sendind form to *.MDB file

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    how do i send form details to an *.MDB file seets on my site?<BR><BR>i know i should do it with asp, but i can&#039;t make it!<BR>it&#039;s not going to me!<BR><BR>how do i do this form, so the *.mdb file will change every time someone fills the form?

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    Default Don't post in HTML forum...

    ...this is an ASP question.<BR><BR>Before you post, though, you might go look at <BR><BR><BR>Look for the "Database Lessons" and start reading.<BR><BR>If you&#039;ve never used a database from ASP, or if you don&#039;t know the SQL language, expect to spend between one week and one month before you get it working right. If you don&#039;t know either VBScript or SQL, then expect to spend somewhat longer.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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