... from yesterday (search for "lumen" in the posts to find it). When commenting out the Response.Contenttype lines the code runs and does not prompt the browser to try to download the file. But I&#039;m far from certain what is going on here.<BR><BR>1) The spec. requires data to be sent as "text/plain", so what type will be set when the lines below are commented out?<BR><BR>2) I do not understand the browser&#039;s behaviour: What makes it believe that the "text/plain" contenttype and the strings I send are some strange file it needs to download rather than just display?<BR><BR>3) The final soultion is fully automated - there is NO BROWSER involved. Perhaps the code is OK but I should test some other way? How can I test without a browser?<BR><BR>the nagging one /l.<BR><BR>The code skeleton -<BR><BR>&#039;determine whether request is made with POST<BR>if not Request.ServerVariables("REQUEST_METHOD") = "POST" then<BR> Response.Status = "400 Bad Request"<BR> strOutput="Could not determine request was made with POST method"<BR> &#039;Response.ContentType = "text/plain"<BR> Response.Write strOutput<BR>else<BR>&#039;generate key<BR>&#039;capture Buyer-data in form and add buyer-data + key to my DB<BR>&#039;deliver key<BR> Response.Status = "200 OK"<BR> strOutput="dummyKeyHere"<BR> &#039;Response.ContentType = "text/plain"<BR> Response.Write strOutput<BR>end if