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    i want to know is it possible to submit a form without clicking the submit button or anything. <BR>i tried using the response.redirect but it does not carry any form values with it.<BR>can some1 please tell me a way in which, like in the redirect method where the form text box etc. values also will be taken to another page.<BR>thank you<BR>xlr_8r

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    Default You won't be able to do..

    .. it from the server-side, unless you put all of the data into the querystring.<BR><BR>If you need to have a form, you can use JavaScript in the &#060;body&#062; onLoad event that automatically submits the form.

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    Try using querystring<BR>for example <BR>response.redirect "surendra.asp?id=" & id <BR>with this u can be able to <BR><BR>all the best<BR>

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