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Thread: Client sending a file via e-mail

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    Cagri Yucel Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>What I need is the following, a client, needs to be send a txt<BR>file to a person. What I need is that to make client select<BR>the file via an &#060;INPUT TYPE=file&#062; or similar, click submit<BR>and file is sent! Simply the file could also be uploaded to the<BR>server and mailed from there...<BR><BR>Obviously, I would like to prevent user from using his own<BR>e-mail program, (not preventing but providing a simpler way :)<BR><BR>I could not find a simple solution for this, any ideas would be <BR>appreciated.

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    siddahrtha shukla Guest

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    hi <BR>there are various 3rd party upload components u can use them they come along with help.<BR> one of them is<BR>take care<BR>

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