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    Default operating systems on pc

    I need to fix a problem on a pc, start up reads operating system not found.

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    Default Man, are you in the wrong place!!(eop)


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    Default Well the first poster was right .. you are in

    the total wrong place to be asking this. However it&#039;s friday so what the hell. Many possibilities:<BR><BR>1) Hard drive could be dead.<BR>2) Hard drive might be disconnected.<BR>3) Hard Drive could have been formatted. <BR>4) System board could be faulty causing the drive to be unrecognized.<BR>5) You could have an unformatted floppy in the A drive.<BR><BR>I&#039;d start with a boot disk and see if you can read the drive at all. That and see if during the POST it is recognized by the BIOS.

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