Greetings, <BR><BR>I have a couple question i guess... I hope someone can help me. <BR><BR>I have designed this script that allows you to upload files on my website either to disk or database. Everything works great... it uploads it to wherever i decide... BUT. I need a way to per say un-upload it from the database. How is this done. <BR><BR>I have included a link to some examples of the scripts i am using. <BR><BR>To look at them &#039;save target as&#039; on them open them as a txt file.<BR><BR>1) This one is the form: <BR><BR>2) This one is the info processing page: <BR><BR>3) This one displays the information and actually uploads it: <BR><BR>Again, I need a way to pull the files uploaded into the database out of the database and then move them either to a specified directory or just delete them. <BR><BR>I can handle the deleting part but would appreciate help with the extracting and moving. <BR><BR>Thank In Advance, <BR><BR>David Hill