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    sorry this is strictly not a technical asp Q. but still....<BR><BR>Can anyone help me in finding a publised free standard coding convention/practice document ? This is for a typical asp/sql/com project. having tried for couple of hours, to have agreement among all developers we said ENOUGH ! let&#039;s find out a credible standard on the net ( preferably by MS ) and adopt it as it is. saves lot of crap talks. doesn&#039;t it ? <BR><BR>please let me know if anyone know such a stanrads document....<BR>thanks in advance mils

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    Default RE: asp standards<BR><BR>I believe the SECOND link might be interesting for you.<BR><BR>although, for the records, I&#039;ll state that the best standards will be your standards.<BR><BR>Your developers will have less problems integratings what they have decided together to do than dumbly applying other people&#039;s ideas.<BR><BR>Eniac

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