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    Hi - I have a database with a load of visits and I am trying to allow users to search it via a date range - e.g. using From 20/03/2002 to 30/03/2002 I have the SQL as: <BR><BR>search .... WHERE BETWEEN #20/03/2002# AND #30/03/2002#<BR><BR>that works fine. <BR><BR>my prob is if I were to search from 01/03/2002 to 30/03/2002 (i.e. in the uk I mean March 1st 2002 until March 30th 2002) it then returns dates from 3rd Jan 2002 until 30th March 2002. <BR><BR>The dates in Access are stored in uk format (dd/mm/yyyy) - is there anything I can do about this or is it just a limitation of Access, or my coding, or something completely different?<BR><BR>thanks<BR><BR>Jim

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    Default Dates are NOT stored in..

    .. UK format in the database. They are ONLY stored as US format.<BR><BR>But, no matter. Use the YYYY-MM-DD format and you should be fine.<BR><BR>I think there&#039;s a FAQ on this in the Dates category or one of the DB categories.

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