error ' 8004e00f' in ASP Component

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Thread: error ' 8004e00f' in ASP Component

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    Default error ' 8004e00f' in ASP Component

    I&#039ve written an ASP Component in VB 5.0 and I get this error after it&#039s compiled and installed into MTS.<BR><BR>This is the error in the browser:<BR>--------------------------------<BR>error &#039 8004e00f&#039 <BR>/Admin/addstation.asp, line 20 <BR>--------------------------------<BR><BR>This is my ASP:<BR>--------------------------------<BR>Set objFTM = Server.CreateObject("gbFTM.CAdmin")<BR><BR>strComp any = objScores.MakeUnderScore(objFTM.CheckApos(Request. Form("company")))<BR>--------------------------------<BR><BR>strCompany is line 20. It&#039s failing on objFTM.CheckApos() not objScores.MakeUnderScore. They are in two different components.<BR><BR>Every time I make a change to the VB project code and recompile, I always get this error. Sometimes I have to re-register and re-install it into MTS before it works. But I still don&#039t understand why this is happening.<BR><BR>I increment the version every time, I have Unattended Execution checked, I&#039ve changed the base address... I&#039ve done everything I think I should do. When it does work, it works great. But when I have to make a change, it breaks. I&#039m about to give up.<BR><BR>Can anyone shed some light on this for me? No one seems to know what this is or how I can find out.<BR><BR>Any help will be appreciated.<BR><BR>King Wilder<BR><BR><BR>

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    Well King, it seems to me that getApos should return a boolean value, why dont you try something like this.<BR>blnApos= objFTM.CheckApos(value)<BR>then pass blnApos into your next object call.<BR>Also did you referenc the asp object library to gain access to the asp objects? If not then it is erroring on the request part, if not then I would guess it is having problems because vb expects thing byval you might want to try byref when dealing with objects.<BR><BR>If you have anymore questions <BR>email me at<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR>Gary

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