I have a page, join.asp, that is full of ASP coding.... somewhere on join.asp, I include rotate.asp (see below)<BR><BR>---Example from join.asp---<BR>&#060;!--#Include Virtual="/rotate.asp"--&#062;<BR>---Example from join.asp---<BR><BR>In rotate.asp I dim the variable Advert (but I do this NOWHERE in join.asp)<BR><BR>---Example from rotate.asp---<BR>Dim Advert<BR>---Example from rotate.asp---<BR><BR>But when I run join.asp, I get the following error...<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039 800a0411&#039 <BR><BR>Name redefined <BR><BR>/rotate.asp, line 2 <BR><BR>Dim Advert<BR>----^<BR><BR>I never get that error when I run rotate.asp independently, so what the hell is freaking wrong??? (as I mentioned, the variable Advert is not dimmed or used in join.asp)