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    i have a drop down menu done in javascript. when i use IE the text is fine, when i use Netscape the text is distorted. if i increase the font size its ok in both. does anyone know if this can be corrected without increasing the font size?

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    Netscape seems to display the text bit smaller than IE. If you are using a font size smaller than 8pt the text will get distorted in Netscape. You can increase the font display size in your browser by pressing Ctrl+] but it won&#039t help your sites visitors.

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    One thing that you could do is that you could make different output for the two browsers (I hate doing this, it&#039s a pain), something to the effect of:<BR>NOTE---not actual code<BR>------------------------------<BR>IF (iexplore) {<BR>font size=2<BR>}<BR>ELSE {font size=4}<BR>------------------------------<BR>keep in mind that this is not code, just a concept

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