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    I have a small number of pages on a NT4.0 server with IIS and the e-mail worked fine. Have recently moved these pages to a Windows 2000 IIS5.0 server and now the e-mail from my ASP pages is not working at all. The SMTP service is running OK. Email runs OK from normal HTML forms. Any ideas?

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    Default My idea is that you are..

    .. getting an error.<BR><BR>That error is upsetting your grandmother.<BR><BR>Your grandmother, in her upset state, is forgetting to tell your Monkey&#039;s Uncle about the e-mail.<BR><BR>Your Monkey&#039;s Uncle doesn&#039;t know an e-mail was being tried to be sent.<BR><BR>Your computer never sends the e-mail because your Monkey&#039;s Uncle doesn&#039;t tell it to. The Monkey&#039;s Uncle doesn&#039;t know it&#039;s supposed to because your grandmother didn&#039;t tell it. Your grandmother didn&#039;t tell it because she was upset about the error.

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    Default Sorry, I have no crystal ball...

    and i&#039;d need one to answer this question with the limited details you&#039;re providing. <BR><BR>What component are you using to send the email? Is that component registered on your new server? <BR><BR>Are you getting an error? If not, it doesn&#039;t mean that one isn&#039;t being generated. SMTP errors won&#039;t cause your program to crash, so you have to specify to many email components to reponse.write the error if it occurs. <BR><BR>if you want help, we need more info.

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