Hi guys,<BR>i wanted to notedown the user login and logout timings...<BR>i created a table by name UserDetails. and could able to enter data thru session_onstart event. it is working fine.<BR>now the prob is i cannot able to enter the logoutTimings thru session_onend event (session_onend is not firing at any time). <BR>as far as code is concerned it is working fine.<BR><BR>Sub Session_OnStart<BR>Dim sIPAddress, sSessionID<BR>sIPAddress = Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR")<BR>sSession ID = Session.SessionID<BR>visitdate=date()<BR>logintime =now()<BR>Set oConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>oConn.O pen "dsn=visitor"<BR>oConn.Execute "Insert Into UserDetails (SessionID, IPAddress, VisitDate, LoginTime) VALUES (" & sSessionID & ",&#039;" & sIPAddress & "&#039;, #" & visitdate & "#, #" & logintime & "#)"<BR>oConn.Close<BR>Set oConn = Nothing<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>Sub Session_OnEnd<BR>Set oConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>oConn.O pen "dsn=visitor"<BR>Dim sSessionID<BR>sSessionID = Session.SessionID<BR>oConn.Execute ("Update UserDetails set LogoutTime=#" & now() & "# WHERE SessionID = " & sSessionID )<BR>oConn.Close<BR>Set oConn = Nothing<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>WHY MY SESSION_ONEND EVENT IS NOT FIRING WHAT SHUD I DO TO ENTER LOGOUT TIMINGS OF USER.<BR><BR>THANX IN ADVANCE.