Anyone have tried using Vernam Encryption? <BR>(<BR><BR>I used this code for my program. I didn&#039;t encounter the error when I was developing the entire system (using IIS 5.0), not until it went online (IIS 6.0).<BR><BR>This is the error: <BR>We detected a possible Encryption Error::v°œ{‚wÆ€mwn…¡²¾Ì«Ë¾zŒpY ÓÌqVPž¨§ž”ho_£-¦“ÍŽj<BR><BR>I would get this error very often. The only solution that I would do is to generate the new key.txt and then after a while, the error would come out again, then I would generate a new key.txt again and so on and it goes ok again and the process just repeats.<BR><BR>Do I need to set up something? Or was it my IIS version?<BR><BR>I&#039;m no crypto-gal but I just badly need your help guys.