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    Hi All, <BR> I&#039;m trying to deploy a web forms app which references a COM component which references ADO, and am having nothing but trouble. I went through the Microsoft deployment walkthrough:, but once I install the app on another Windows 2000 server (using the MS generated setup.exe file), I get an error that the ClassFactory can&#039;t create a component the second I try to access my COM component in code. I thought maybe my COM component wasn&#039;t registered, but if I unregister it I get a different error message (Component not registered). <BR> I also tried just manually copying all the development files over to the new machine, set IIS to use that directory as an application, and registered the COM component manually, but to no avail. <BR> I should add that my app works great on the development machine, and I&#039;m positive my COM component is bulletproof. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, <BR>-Ringo

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    Not sure, but when you added a reference to your COM component, VS probably create the runtime callable wrapper for you and it is not on the server.<BR><BR>Check thses pages, might help:<BR><BR><BR><BR>ht tp://

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