how to open office documents in a certain paragrap

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Thread: how to open office documents in a certain paragrap

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    Default how to open office documents in a certain paragrap trying to open a word document on a certain paragraph....its this possible?

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    Default document object model

    well, in html we have anchor tags that allow us to send hyperlinks to particular regions of our html documents.<BR><BR>the same has to be true about word&#039;s innards.<BR><BR>anchors have a specific relationship with the document object in html documents in each browser&#039;s document object model. similarly, ms word has a document object model complete with a hierarchy of page element objects that are dependent on each other in a chain that extends from the document object so that all elements are dependent on the object. find the object you are looking for in ms word&#039;s documentation at the site. then make sure your destination point in the document is marked with such an object. finally, write a little sub to go to your marked object and place it in the event that opens the document. perhaps there are even parameters that allow it to be opened at a different location depending on how the file open command is called.<BR><BR>does this help? if it does, i would appreciate some help on the problem i am currently working on, which you can see at:<BR><BR><BR>

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