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Thread: Network Communications w/ ASP.Net .Net Framework

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    In the .Net Framework is there a build-in class or classes which can be used for network communications. In general I need to:<BR><BR>Retrieve HTML pages from a remote site via HTTP using both the GET and POST transactions.<BR>Open an FTP server and send or retrieve files and issue other FTP commands.<BR>Send email via SMTP.<BR>Ping network computers and check for response.<BR><BR>I have done all of these before using COM objects. I am just hoping that Microsoft has seen that these functions were common enough to include into the .Net Framework. Anyone know if they have?

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    yes, all these are now built-in as part of the framework, and there are still third-party solutions available such as IP*Works (which is very, very neat, very, very complete, but very very pricey)<BR><BR>when you install the framework you should also have the documentation to look this lot up in.

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