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    Hi I am sending values from ASP page and displaying the same in the word document with the help of FSO object I am using writeln property to write in different line in the document. The actual task is that the values should be displayed in different places. One can use bookmark option to go to a particular place.<BR>I want to use this (OR anyother method) and display the values at different places.<BR><BR>Hi I have a Template of Word Document. The ASP page should retrieve the values from database and display at specific locations on the document. I am using FSO Object and writeln method, but this is writing line after line in the word document. The task is to display at different places. We can use bookmark to accomplish this task. Can anybody suggest me how to use bookmark and its properties range and select to display at correct place.<BR>If you have any other idea also please let me know.<BR>Thanks<BR>Neelam<BR><BR>

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    Probably the best bet is to put &#039;tags&#039; in your Word &#039;template&#039; document (a .doc not a .dot though) like:<BR><BR>Dear {FullName},<BR>Please end me £{Price} by return of post.<BR><BR>Then use FSO to read the whole document into one variable and use REPLACE(strDocument,"{tag}",strData) to swap the tags for the actual data. Finally use FSO to write out your new .doc as a file.<BR>

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