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    I am trying to fill a value in textarea and its not working.<BR>Whereas this works:<BR><BR>&#060;asp:TextBox ID="meta_keywords" text="&#060;%# txtKeywords %&#062;" runat="Server" /&#062;<BR><BR>this does not<BR>&#060;textarea ID="meta_keywords" text="&#060;%# txtKeywords %&#062;" runat="Server" /&#062;<BR>

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    there is no textarea user control. you use the textbox user control instead. it takes a couple of paramters that allow you to specify multi-line output. one of the paramters says whether multiline output is activated and the other parameters specified how many rows:<BR><BR>here is an example:<BR>&#060;asp:TextBox id="OrgDescriptionTextBox" DataValueField = "Description" DataTextField = "Description" Columns="50" MaxLength="500" rows="6" runat="server"/&#062;<BR><BR>check out the textbox class&#039; documentation at to see all the members you can employ.<BR><BR>does this help? if it does, i would appreciate some help on the problem i am currently working on, which you can see at:<BR>

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