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    I included a bunch of code - which no one is likely to want to wade through - about this problem earlier. I have yet to solve the problem. Heres what happens. I have a set of tabpages that contain related data, all of which can be retrieved in a single Select. I think that if I could persist this into a dataset and then a session variable, I could pass it from one tabpage to the next without needing to hit the database. My understanding of the dataset is that as I pass I can update it without writing it back to the database until I want to and the changes will be saved. I think that this works to some extent, but I have a problem with the process. When I first open the page, I pass in an ID as a parameter in the select. The window is populated with the correct data, and it looks like I am putting a dataset into the session OK. But when I open another tab page, the dataset does not appear to be there. However - if I do a refresh on the first page and then select another, the cached data shows up. I am not sure if this means that the browser is using a cached page, or if the Session variable is not being set until I refresh. I am not too clear on how that all works in .net. I do the retrieve into a dataset. Then pass that to a session variable and then use that dataset to actually fill in the fields on the page - and it does it. But if I move to another tabpage and then back, the data is gone - unless I do a manual refresh before I change pages. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance, <BR>Dave Parker <BR>RSM McGladrey

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    Default Try not using Session

    Object caching is pretty powerful and stable. Check this example out:<BR><BR>

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