Type mismatch: 'objFieldValue.Text'

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Thread: Type mismatch: 'objFieldValue.Text'

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    Default Type mismatch: 'objFieldValue.Text'

    Set objFieldValue = objDom.createElement("STATS_REFERRER")<BR>objField Value.Text = STATS_REFERRER<BR>objField.appendChild objFieldValue<BR><BR>STATS_REFERRER = "http://www.mywebsite.com"<BR><BR>and same problem with a date !<BR><BR>Have a idea ?

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    Default What if you do:

    Set objFieldValue - objDom.CreateElement("STATS_REFERRER")<BR>objField Value.Text = "Test"<BR>objField.AppendChild objFieldValue<BR><BR>But, actually, isn&#039;t it .Value instead of .Text? Heh - so much copy and paste has made me dumb. That and crossing between .NET and classic ASP.

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