Is it Good to use Visual IntraDev to develope appl

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Thread: Is it Good to use Visual IntraDev to develope appl

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    Friends,<BR>I am going to satart the project in ASP - Sql Server . I am confused that is it good to Use Visual Intradev or not? are their any limitation to use Visual IntraDev? will may website work smoothly at any WindowsNT/Sql server or is their any limitation? Help me.<BR><BR>Thanking you

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    Personally, I try to stay away from tools that try to write code for me. Visual InterDev is good at not writing code for you unless you use the DTCs. I advise against this. I do use VID for editing ASP pages, viewing SQL databases, etc.<BR><BR>In fact, you can read my views on GUI tools for ASP development at:<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Visual Interdev will bring two things to the table for you, with your development. When dealing with SQL server, it will allow you to see the database tables like Access. This is a nice feature. It also has a nice little sql execution (test) utility. Second, when dealing with COM components, definatly a must for any professional web application, VID will expose methods and properities. (ex: Say you are only using ASP objcts, you type in Response. - and as soon as you type in the period, all the methods will appear for you to select from.)<BR>CONS-<BR> The BIGGEST problem of all, if you have any ASP code within HTML, FORGET being able view a GUI layout. VID will complain about ASP inside a SELECT tag and you can no longer view it.<BR><BR>Best combination in my opinion ( HOMESITE - DREAMVEAVER) - <BR>Homesite, does not have object support, but it does allow server mapping for asp processing, so you are developing on your machine, you have a development machine in another building, state, can map the processing to that server so when you click a tab to View the page, the script gets sent to the mapped server, processed and sent back to more alt-tab to browser, refresesh....<BR>Dreamweaver (GUI) will allow to view any ASP page and it will not mess with any code, it wont complain about asp , it puts nice little yellow boxes that say (ASP) on them, about 10x8 pixels in your page, so you can alter tables, colors, everything without messing up any asp.<BR><BR>I hope that helps, my overall opinion, Interdev is not the best developing environment there is, actually I work with two microsoft developers even they dont like VID, it definalty helps when interfacing with unframilar COM componets, and unframilar databases.<BR><BR>Gary

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