hi-<BR><BR>i am designing a web interface to an access database. the database contains results from a survey given annually. it needs to be set up such that last year&#039s answers are available to modify and submit. i have successully set this up using a form posting back to the same page then creating an update statement of the syntax:<BR><BR>UPDATE table SET field1 = Cstr(var1), field2 = CLng(var2), . . . field50 = CStr(var50) WHERE IDtag = &#039" & varIDtag & "&#039<BR><BR>it goes through ok, but since i need to transfer the data from Request.Form("data1") to var1, and check to make sure the user typed in the data correctly for fifty-some variables, i need 450+ lines of code that culminates in a mammoth update statement. i still have a dozen or so pages like this to create.<BR><BR>is there a better (more modular) way to do this?<BR>can i use stored procedures to simplify my code?<BR>is there a way to create a shorter update statement that would work also?<BR><BR>here is an indication of data collection and modification for 2 variables:<BR><BR>(this asks the question, shows last yrs data and allows the user to modify/submit it&#039s part of a table)<BR><BR>&#060;td&#062;Developed parcel boundary lines by digitizing existing paper/mylar/linen maps and adjusting them to the best available PLSS coordinates &#060;input type=checkbox name=PprMapAdjPLSS value=1<BR>&#060;% If objRS("PprMapAdjPLSS") Then Response.Write "Checked" %&#062;&#062; &#060;/td&#062;<BR>&#060;td&#062;&#060;input type=text name=PprMapAdjPLSSPct size=10 value="&#060;%=objRS("PprMapAdjPLSSPct")%&#062;"&# 062;%&#060;/td&#062;<BR><BR>(this takes that data and puts it into variables, takes out quots)<BR><BR>PprMapAdjPLSS=Request.Form("PprMapAd jPLSS")<BR>strPprMapAdjPLSSPct=Request.Form("PprMa pAdjPLSSPct")<BR><BR>strPprMapAdjPLSSPct=Replace(s trPprMapAdjPLSSPct, "&#039", "&#039&#039")<BR><BR>(part of the update construction)<BR><BR>If PprMapAdjPLSS= 1 Then strSQL = strSQL & ", PprMapAdjPLSS = True" Else strSQL = strSQL & ", PprMapAdjPLSS = False"<BR>If Len(strPprMapAdjPLSSPct) &#062; 0 Then strSQL = strSQL & ", PprMapAdjPLSSPct = " & CLng(strPprMapAdjPLSSPct)<BR><BR>thanks much for any help,<BR>i&#039d be happy to show all my source code if anyone wants it,<BR>daniel