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    I&#039;m stress testing a web based system and the result is... it&#039;s not up to it...<BR><BR><BR>The way I did is to loop the process. I placed a DO WHILE z=0... LOOP. And in the loop, there is an sql insert statement. So I took one workstation and access a particular page to loop it and took another workstation to access to same page to loop it. The second workstation response with an error: "Cannot Update; Currently Locked Line 80"<BR><BR>And Line 80 is the executing of the insert statment.<BR><BR>The code look like this:<BR>do while z=0<BR>&nbsp; mem1="Insert into tablename (UserName,LogTime) values (&#039;myname&#039;,&#039;12/9/2002&#039;)"<BR>&nbsp; &#039;open conn<BR>&nbsp; &#039;conn.beginTrans<BR>&nbsp; &#039;conn.execute mem1<BR>&nbsp; &#039;conn.CommitTrans<BR>&nbsp; &#039;Close conn<BR>loop<BR><BR><BR>Is there something I can do to so that it won&#039;t come up this error?

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    Obviously its gonna fall over, where are you incrementing z?<BR><BR>Z is apparently always equal to 0 therefore its stuck in a continuous loop, of inserts, very bad! Its gonna lock the tabel while it inserts, so its doesn&#039;t get any errors.<BR>

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