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Thread: Number to AutoNumber field?

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    Default Number to AutoNumber field?

    Is there a fast way for me to convert Number to AutoNumber field?<BR><BR>Or do I have to write a script to manually do it?

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    Default why?

    You mean to do this once, or multiple times? If multiple times, why?? <BR><BR>If once, there is no good way to do this, with a script or otherwise. I don&#039;t believe Access (I&#039;m guessing you&#039;re using access) will let you convert a field to autonumber in a table that already has records in it. <BR><BR>If you really need to do this, you could make a new table thats designed the way you want it (with an autonumber) then use a query to put the records from the old table into the new one.

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    Default Agreed...but even simpler way...

    Just ADD a new autonumber field to the existing table.<BR><BR>No need to create a new table.<BR><BR>No, you can&#039;t change a field to autonumber. Period.<BR><BR>

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