Just so you know ... I&#039;ve been using chunks of &#039;typical&#039; newmail code in various websites for what seems like forever ... but this problem seems to be just starting with one website in particular.<BR><BR>SITE 1:<BR>Mail code works just fine - various formats of code, various from addresses, too addresses, different mail formats - the whole nine yards. Works perfectly.<BR><BR>SITE 2:<BR>*same code*<BR>*same webserver*<BR>The mails do not send ... they are not queued, they are not put in the badmail folder ... nothing happens. Same code, same server, same everything ... it just doesn&#039;t work.<BR><BR>So, what is it about a *WEB SITE* configuration that could stop mail from being sent?<BR><BR>Session variables turned off?<BR><BR>Not set as an application?<BR><BR>What should I be looking for here that would stop CDONTS working just for one website?