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Thread: redisplaying dates (repost -- help!)

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    After my validate routine does it stuff, I get all my data back onto my form using (for example) formdate=trim(request.form("mydatedate") - the text box is set to &#060;%formdate%&#062; - every other field except the date comes back - no error, just a blank - blank if I response.write it after setting it too. <BR><BR>It displays ok from the database (i.e. the 1st time its loaded I set formdate from the database) so the value seems alright... tried cstr & server.htmlencode with no luck<BR><BR>ANY ideas welcome...<BR><BR>Jennifer

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    Hey Jennifer.<BR><BR>Please post the part of your script that&#039s causing you problems, more than just what you explained. It would make it a lot easier for me to understand what your problem is if I could try it out on my own server.<BR><BR>Take care,<BR>Lasse.<BR>( )<BR>

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