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    Hello everyone,<BR>I am having trouble displaying articles which have been inserted into access microsoft database.<BR>the field in which the article is set in is a memo type since the text type can contain up to 250 charts.<BR>while there is no problem displaying the text from fields which are "text" type, the text in the "memo" type simply show nothing on the asp page. ( although the text exists in the database ).<BR>i really dont understand what the problem is & hope it&#039;s just a matter of definition.<BR>i have to find a way working with access and inserting into the DB text which is very long, much longer than the 250 charts that the "text" field type can offer.<BR>Any suggestions?<BR>Thanx!<BR>aia

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    Default ASPFAQs, category Databases, General<BR><BR>also<BR><BR><BR><BR>Next time, check the ASPFAQs (there a link at the top right corner of every page on this site). You&#039;d be surprised at what they contain.<BR><BR>p.s.: It&#039;s 255 *characters* for a text field, not 255 "charts". A "chart" is a graph, such as a "pie chart" or "bar chart."<BR><BR>

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