I&#039;m using XPSMTP for mailing from sql server 2000, because our main client does not utilize exchange or anything similar. This is great and it works well, so it has obviously been installed on several other machines - including development platforms.<BR><BR>And herein we now have a problem.<BR><BR>I develop on a laptop running win2k, sql server 2000 and IIS. Up until the installation of XPSMTP I could use cdonts.newmail from .asp with no problems - sending to *any* valid email address.<BR><BR>Now, after xpsmtp, it will not send to any address - the emails are sitting queued in the mailroot/outgoing folder - any address will not send.<BR><BR>XMSMTP mentions:<BR>--------<BR>Sending e-mail to an external e-mail address returns in the following error:<BR>Server response: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for MyFriend@HisDomain.com<BR><BR>This is an indication that your mail server has not been enabled to relay, for more information on testing Open Relay check the following article: http://www.inetapplications.net/Security/telnet-smtp.htm <BR>--------<BR><BR>But this is not the error I am receiving - my SMTP service (verified to be running) cannot resolve any DNS information now.<BR><BR>There&#039;s no contact information, developers email, readme in the zipped file or anything else ... so have any of you got any experience in this?<BR><BR>http://sqldev.net/xp/xpsmtp.htm