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    I am using an asp form and then writing to access db. Field in one table is AutoNum... need that autonum number to write records to second table. I just wrote sql query in desc order, opened a recordset, did objRS.BOF<BR> strLastID = objRS("ProdID").... was there an easier/ more efficient way to do this???<BR><BR>2) Have a yes/no field in Access table... am trying to write records to this table... What kind of data type is "Yes/No" field in Access- boolean??? am having trouble writing records to this table<BR><BR>Thank you in advance for your help!!!

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    after the insert do<BR><BR>set rs = connect.execute("select @@identity")<BR>newid = rs(0)<BR><BR>There is a faq on this as well.<BR><BR>Yes/no is a boolena data type. You can TRUE/FALSE in the insert statement.

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