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    YOUR RESPONSE:<BR><BR> <BR>ASP Source Code Encryption...Desperate<BR> <BR> - 7 Dec - 02:45:17 PM<BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I have just finished desiging an ASP application that i will distribute to people which will then be installed into a virtual directory of IIS. But i do not want anyone to be able to open the files in any App (Notepad, Dreamweaver, etc.) and be able to view the ASP source. I would like the all code appearing between the &#060;% %&#062;to be encrypted. Can someone please point me in the right direction or give me an example. I looked for a decent amount of time and have not found a good source. Please help!! thank you<BR> <BR> <BR>

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    Default Worth a look!<BR><BR>HTML Guardian. Does encrypt server side code too. Demo available. Not sure how good it is as I only used it once. Worth a look though ;)<BR><BR>

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