So i have this big XML file, and it gets washed through a few XSL files.. but i am having MAJOR issues with display a simply "space" for readability....<BR><BR>I&#039;ll start off by saying i don&#039;t have any access to the XSL docs, only the base XML file<BR><BR>What i have tried so far in the XML<BR>- &nbsp; (hopfully this forum didnt eval that ampersand, n, b, s, p, semicolon).. if i view the file in IE with that, i get "invalid entity"<BR>- &#160; (amp, #, 160, ;).. this works most of the time, but sometimes during saving, it changes this group of chars to an A with a marking on top.. i know this is an encoding issue.. but i have no idea how to stop this<BR><BR>i hope someone here can shed some light, this is so frustrating :-/<BR><BR>thanks in advance