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    I have two asp pages. One of the asp page is included from the second asp page file. The content of the two asp pages are :<BR>1) Popup menus buttons<BR>2) Entry screen as per the user selection from above popup.<BR><BR>The problem is the popup buttons or options of popup goes behind the displayed entry screen specially if it has list box or combo box. The user may want to go to another entry screen from the popup options, but cannot view as the popup options are displayed behind the entry screen already opened. How to solve this problem.....

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    Default Not really ASP...

    ...this is just DHTML. Apparently, you have things set up in "layers", and you just need to change the ordering of the layers to put the ones in front that you want in front.<BR><BR>You can do this with JavaScript code, but if you aren&#039;t comfortable with that, then just change the order in the HTML source.<BR><BR>p.s.: This isn&#039;t really advanced, so next time you might want to post in the "ASP Q&A" forum instead. That&#039;s where "anything goes."<BR><BR>

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