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    I am trying to host a website with a database. The problem is my hosting company only supports MySQL and my whole site is built using ASP and ODBC on my IIS machine at home. How can I make this work? Is there a way to use ASP with MySQL without having to rewrite all my code? I have no idea where to go from here. Thanks for all your input.

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    Most of it should be fine. Depending on the DB you were using at home...The SQL statements will likely have to change some, but that&#039;s about it.<BR><BR>By ODBC...Do you mean DSNs? If so, just get your webhost to create a DSN to your mySQL DB with the same name as the one that you used at home, and you should have to change the connection information at all. If you were using ODBC DSN-Less connection, ssee here for examples for mySQL.<BR>

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    Default Another thing you should do...

    ...would be to install MySQL on your home machine. And then code against it at home.<BR><BR>In the long run, this will make it a lot easier to maintain your site.<BR><BR>You just need to download both MySQL and MyODBC, free from the web site.<BR><BR>Of course, there&#039;s another alternative: Find another ISP.<BR><BR>

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