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Thread: basic html question (off topic, but in asp)

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    Default basic html question (off topic, but in asp)

    i have an image that is attached to a hyperlink, and it is not rendering the way i want it to. specifically, there are 2 problems:<BR>1.) there is a very thin bar outlining the image. kind of like an html border of some sort. i want to get rid if this thin outline<BR>2.) the outline shows up in a tiny size and aligned to the left (instead of center as specified) for a moment until the image itself appears and the border then changes to the larger size of the actual image. i want to get rid of this re-sizing. i imagine getting rid of the border will make this point moot, but still i want to be explicit, perhaps by declaring the pixel dimensions of the image in the html img tag<BR><BR>here is the code for the link:<BR><BR>&#060;a href=""&#062;&#060;img src="images/artisanchef120x170.gif"&#062;&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>the link is housed in a table cell that is set to center alignment.<BR><BR>how can i fix this line of code to avoid the 2 problems outlined above? i am sure many of you can just shoot off the answer without thinking. and that would save me time that i am spending studying .net

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    Default It's a style setting...<BR><BR>And then click on "Styles" under the "Show:" label.<BR><BR>I forget whether textDecorationNone works with that or whether you have to mess with the various :xxx styles.<BR><BR>

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