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    Is thee a way to create a batch file to convert a dbase file into an access file. Mimicing access opening a dbase file then saving the file as a .mdb file

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    Default You can do it one query...

    You can treat a DBase file as an "external database" from Access and do it via a single SELECT statement:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM existingTable IN &#060;dbase file&#062; INTO newTableName<BR><BR>The trick is in how you specify the dBase file.<BR><BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/office97/html/output/F1/D2/S5A328.asp<BR><BR>See the REMARKS section there for how to specify a dBase file.<BR><BR>Note that for dBase files the *PATH* you specify is the path to the *DIRECTORY* that contains the desired dBase file. Then the tablename you specify is the name of the actual dBase file.<BR><BR>

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