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    In one of my tabels in my database I have about 50 entries. On the webpage, I would like to break up those entries into different headings. For example when you visit the site you will see Drilling and see 1 thru 15 from the database. Another title Production would show 16 thru 25 and so on. I am having problems figuring out how to break that up.<BR><BR>You should be able to see what I am working on here:<BR><BR><BR>If you would like to see the code, let me know.<BR>Do not worry about the "Featured Product".<BR><BR>Thanks,

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    Different categories???<BR><BR>Maybe you need a catagory table<BR><BR>ID, Name<BR>1, Drilling<BR>2, Production<BR><BR>and then in the other table have a category field.

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