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    Who can I make a script that a server forces a client/Browser to reload ???<BR>For example: "Client 1 changes things in a database, then the Server sends the changes to Client 2 who is at the same time online and the page of Client 2 reloads."<BR> <BR>&#060;b&#062;I want to interact with the two clients.&#060;/b&#062;<BR>Are there any http-commands that a server can send to the ip of the remote client that forces him to reload?<BR><BR>An example: the 2 clients are chatting, and after one client sent a chat-line the other one reloads automatically.<BR>

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    Hey CJS.<BR><BR>Sorry, dude, that&#039s not possible. You&#039ll have to use some sort of client side script too, like JavaScript or VBScript, maybe you&#039ll have to use Java, I don&#039t know. What I DO know is that you can&#039t do what you described with just ASP, sorry.<BR><BR>Take care,<BR>Lasse.<BR>( )

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    Shi..<BR>But how are chatting applications are working ???<BR><BR>There is also an asp-objekt (.dll) which allows to use the winsock and send http-requests to other server.<BR><BR>There is also a dll called "asp chat professional"<BR><BR>What do you think of the following link ?<BR><BR><BR>Greetings Claus

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