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    I have access db and a Users table. The users table is set in this order:<BR>User ID Password LastName<BR>1 Jonn Alvine<BR>2 Eric Bevers<BR>The users have the User Level access and they would see only their info. that same USer ID I have added to other tables so that I can show the data that belongs to them only. However, I need to have Managers Table that would be able to see all the info. Do I set another table and than add Managers ID in the other table too?<BR>Thank you for your help. <BR>Petra<BR>

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    Why not add a new column to the users table called IsAManager<BR><BR>If rs("IsAManager") = True then show all info, if not just show their info.

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    If managers are allowed to see everything then, why do you need to have another table for them. Just identify each user as USER/MANAGER/ADMIN etc..., in the users table, and based on that <BR>allow/disallow them to view a page.

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