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    We upgraded our scripting engine to IE 5.5 with sp2 (5.5 scripting engine) this morning.<BR><BR>We are getting intermindant Scripting Engine Exceptions (Cannot Create Server Object Page Errors too). We get these on all pages. They start out happenning once in a while, but then they increase to all the time.<BR><BR>We are thinking of either upgrading just the scripting engine to 5.6.<BR><BR>Can we downgrade the scripting engine to 5.1? Do we need to uninstall IE? Can we downgrade a scripting engine?

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    Default I'd definitely try 5.6...

    5.5 *was* buggy. I dunno if it had any problem such as you related, but it&#039;s worth a try to upgrade it.<BR><BR>You *can* install just the scripting engine, yes.<BR><BR>You can download the 5.6 scripting package from <BR><BR><BR>Direct link:<BR>

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