I&#039;m having trouble resetting new values in a datatable even though I re-instantiate it with a new query each time. When the query is run, new data is not there. How do you reset/delete/clean out new datatable values? Code snipet follows:<BR><BR>For i = 1 To MAXVARS <BR> sAttrKeySQL = "SELECT * from tblSc_Attributes WHERE variable_key=" & Trim(Str(i)) & " AND sc_version=&#039;" & sSCVersion & "&#039;<BR> Dim da As New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter(sAttrKeySQL, objConnect)<BR> da.FillSchema(dsAttrKey, SchemaType.Mapped, "attribute_key")<BR> da.Fill(dsAttrKey, "attribute_key") &#039;Fill data set<BR> dtAttrKey = dsAttrKey.Tables("attribute_key")<BR> &#039;objConnect.Close() &#039;close connection to DB<BR><BR> For Each myRow In dtAttrKey.Rows<BR>...<BR>At this point the dtAttrKey (datatable) contains same values even though the query I use (sAttrKeySQL) is changing since variable i is changing each time. How can I initialize the datatable (or dataset or dataadapter)?? Thx in advance<BR>