I read Ian Stallings article on 4guysfromrolla about accessing java class files from asp. (An Introduction to using Java with ASP )<BR>This works fine on my win2k dev machine but I&#039;m having trouble with our old NT4 production server.<BR>I&#039;m trying to attach to mysql on the same machine via the the mm jdbc driver.<BR>On NT4 I can&#039;t seem to find the classpath to the mm driver (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com/mysql/jdbc/Driver)<BR>I have set classpath as a user variable (Administrator) under Enviromental Variables pointing directly at the mm jar file.<BR>Should the classpath be a System variable ? (which you can&#039;t do on NT4)<BR>I also have Sun&#039;s SDK 1.4.1 on the same machine and Version 5.00.3805 of the MS JVM.<BR>Do both JVMs look at the same classpath ?<BR> <BR>When I try: <BR>C:&#062; java com.mysql.jdbc.Driver<BR>from the console, it finds the driver, which means the Sun&#039;s SDK can at least see the classpath.<BR> <BR>I feel the MS JVM can&#039;t see the classpath when called from ASP.<BR>Is there a way to test the classpath (or force it) from Set javaobj = GetObject("java:myclass") ?<BR> <BR>Any help would be most appreciated.<BR>