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    after doing research, I don&#039;t think this is possible, but need to ask. Is it possible to modify the datagrid so that results are vertical rather than horizontal.<BR><BR>ie.<BR>name<BR>description<BR>t itle<BR><BR>rather than:<BR>name description title

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    there are at least 2 ways to accomplish this.<BR><BR>one way is to put only one column in your datagrid. you make it a templatecolumn and you use the container.dataitem syntax to specify each field you want in the column. you also put <BR> after each element to force a line break<BR><BR>the other way is to use a repeater control. this is similar in that you also use the container.dataitem syntax and <BR> tags for each element that you want repeated<BR><BR>does this help? if so, i would appreciate some help on my own current open problem, which can be read at:<BR>

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