Using user input from an ASP page in a Sql stateme

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Thread: Using user input from an ASP page in a Sql stateme

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    Default Using user input from an ASP page in a Sql stateme

    Hi all,<BR><BR>This problem is part or my final year project and I can not progress without it, PLEASE HELP ME.<BR><BR>I have reduced my problem to this:<BR><BR>I get user input from a form in a .asp page and use it in another .asp page which has the following Sql statement: (I need to know how to have a field in my sql statement greater than my user input)<BR><BR>Dim Statement<BR>Statement=request.form("input1") &#039;get input from my .asp page<BR>Sql = "SELECT Start.Time FROM Start WHERE Start.Time &#062; &#039;Statement%&#039;";<BR><BR>"Statement" accepts the user input fine as when I print it, I get the desired result. The input is in he form 12:25, i.e. time format<BR><BR>" &#062; &#039;Statement%&#039; " is not necessarily the syntax I used, as I tried a million different ways from a million different tutorials, although I still don&#039;t know the correct syntax. Also I tried asking for user<BR>input in my SQL statement, refining my database connection (which is also fine), changing the types in my database, changing the form around and everything else I could think of but I cannot figure it out.<BR>Please help me.<BR><BR>Damien<BR>

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    Default Have you checked the FAQs?

    A whole section on working with dates.<BR><BR>

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