Hi all.<BR><BR>I had a question that I was going to post here, but I just found the answer (well, one answer anyway). Hopefully this will help someone else coming from VB to C#. It had me stumped for a few minutes, until I gave it some thought.<BR><BR>To achieve the C# equivilents of:<BR><BR>- VB&#039;s Asc() and Chr() functions<BR>- Perl and PHP&#039;s ord() and chr() functions<BR><BR>are to use type casting, roughly like this:<BR><BR>int myInt = (int) &#039;A&#039;; /* myInt now contains 65 */<BR><BR>char myChar = (char) 65; /* myChar now contains &#039;A&#039; */<BR><BR>This board helps me out from time to time, so I figured I&#039;d share.<BR><BR>Cheers.