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    This is a two part question. First the executable problem. I have created both an executable file, and a dll file of the same executable. I run the executable (which is on the client machine) in my asp file with an action="xxx.exe". It runs fine until I try to exit the executable. By the way, the executable does some processing, then opens a word document, allows me to modify, then close. After I close the word document, word either locks up, and I kill it from the task manager, or it brings me back to my executable. At some point, my asp file has closed. Can someone tell me how to get the executable on the client machine to run, and upon exit, come back to the web page that I called it from?<BR><BR>The second question is about the dll. The name of the project is wartt, and one of the classes is docSplashScreen. I registered it appropriately, and then tried to use server.createobject("wartt.docSplashScreen"). I tried using a submit button to run this, and it appears that the object gets created, but does not display the splashscreen. Do I need to also have a public function that displays the splash screen?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Ghuf

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    running client-side executabkles is a rather large security risk.

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