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    I have an Access DB and it works fine, but I want to sort my magazine collection by year. My Access DB has five fields (all are text) month, year, cover_image, quantity and condition.<BR><BR>Currently, I have them displayed, but it&#039;s all in one big block and I want to be able to have some navigation on top that will allow me to click on the year (i.e. 1992) and all the issues from that year will be displayed, preferably in order from January to December. I&#039;m not sure if I&#039;ll need to change the type of field in my month, it&#039;s not a problem if I need to. I just need the code that will allow me to do this.<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    SELECT *<BR>FROM yourTable<BR>WHERE Year = 2002<BR>ORDER BY Month DESC<BR><BR>Assuming your month is 1,2,3 and not January, Feb, March

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    Default And next time

    use a proper data type to store a date.<BR><BR>If you don&#039;t care about the day of the month, just set them all to 01.

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