Hi Guys and Gals,<BR><BR>SQL Server 2000<BR><BR>Running a index reorg maintenance plan scheduled via SQL Agent.<BR><BR>We have 3 databases setup exactly the same, only difference between the 3 is amount of records in their respective tables.<BR><BR>The index reorg job fails with the following error:<BR><BR>"[Microsoft SQL-DMO (ODBC SQLState: 42000)] Error 1934: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]DBCC failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: &#039;QUOTED_IDENTIFIER, ARITHABORT&#039;."<BR><BR>After looking this error up, the cause is that Quoated_Identifier and Arithabort must be turned on when doing an index reorg on tables with indexed computed columns.<BR><BR>The table the job is erroring on has a computed column but it is not indexed.<BR><BR>So I tried the following:<BR><BR>set arithabort on<BR>set quoted_identifier on<BR>EXECUTE master.dbo.xp_sqlmaint N&#039;-PlanID 5AC4CE38-B86F-4E03-9CB1-7B3D1D4C1759 -Rpt "D:SQLBackup
eportsIntegrity & ReOrg0.txt" -DelTxtRpt 2WEEKS -WriteHistory -RebldIdx 20 &#039;<BR><BR>Still no luck...<BR><BR>So I tested the table by itself:<BR><BR>set arithabort on<BR>set quoted_identifier on<BR>dbcc dbreindex(labour_employee_dates_unavailable, &#039;&#039;, 80)<BR><BR>This works!!!!!!!!!!!<BR><BR>set arithabort off<BR>set quoted_identifier off<BR>dbcc dbreindex(labour_employee_dates_unavailable, &#039;&#039;, 80)<BR><BR>...and the above doesn&#039;t...<BR><BR>So i&#039;ve narrowed it down to the command but still this tables computed column IS NOT indexed.<BR><BR>any ideas?<BR><BR>thank you<BR><BR>-Jason